Konsultasi Eksport (Alumni Fair ITB)


Pada saat acara alumni fair nanti, Tim Sukses dari Amir Sambodo akan mengadakan sesi konsultasi untuk para pengusaha dan sukses dunia kerja. Khususnya untuk pengusaha, salah satu konsultasi yang disediakan adalah untuk kegiatan eksport-import. Tim Sukses Amir Sambodo menghadirkan Bapak Aris Darujo yang mempunyai pengalaman banyak dalam bidang ini.

Berikut sekilas tentang Bapak Aris Darujo.

Aris Darujo

Jl. Muararajeun No 11

Bandung 40122



 SIPPO (Swiss Import Promotion Programme)                           January 2011 to Present

As Representative of SIPPO in Indonesia

Representing of SIPPO program to the third parties and in bodies related to the sector programs and activities (such as associations, NGOs, embassies, government)

  1. Coordination of SIPPO program activities with other foreign donor project activities; developing and implementation of joint activities, in accordance to the planned SIPPO Program activities inIndonesia
  2. Networking with stakeholders related to the SIPPO sector programs
  3. Leading and coordinating the implementation of the specific sector programs and activities as described and defined in the individual Terms of References (TOR’s) of the project manager in charge for the respective sectors
  4. Sourcing, selection, and consulting of companies – participants in the sector programs
  5. Show initiative regarding the companies needs for assistance.  Extension and maintenance of the contact net in the market and procurement for appropriate contacts
  6. Providing services in the fields of information, counseling, and export marketing, in order to improve the sales potential of local companies
  7. Advising the companies about market specific particularities of the business transactions
  8. Monitoring the ongoing project
  9. Coordination and collection of all relevant information in the market for the promotion of international business contacts/exports from all official Indonesian institutions (ministries, chamber of commerce, associations) as well as from private sources and processing them for the match – making/ know-how platform of the SIPPO program
  10. Facilities of the companies access to export procuring contacts available from the authorities, trade representatives, organizations and entities
  11. Providing continues information to Osec about the customer contacts and activities developed

 TigerTrade Service Inc                                                              October 2010 – present

As Export Promotion Advisor

 Conduct research on industry and business information in Indonesia

  1. Work with TigerTrade partners to collect information for TigerTrade business activities, including, but not limited to, databases, directories, certification information, contacts lists, and business tools and resources for website content.
  2. Develop marketing materials for TigerTrade, including advising on design, costing, and content.
  3. Develop training materials for TigerTrade marketing and outreach.
  4. Conduct marketing, outreach, and sales activities for TigerTrade throughout Indonesia.
  5. Input data into TigerTrade Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).
  6. Testing, evaluation, and refining TigerTrade’s authentication and verification (A&V) systems.
    1. Planning and organizing TigerTrade events and trainings.
    2. Recruiting TigerTrade customers, training customers on how to use TigerTrade website, and converting leads into sales.
  7.  Other activities as designated by TigerTrade management

Weidemann Associates, Inc         Sept 2010 – Oct 2010 (6 weeks project for assessment)

As Business Consultant

USAID funded project inWashingtoncalled the Business Growth Initiative (BGI) project. Conduct assessment use a business survey tool developed by BGI called MEASURE, which examines the state of the business enabling environment as well as the way that environment impacts business behavior. The survey covered four sectors: garments, automotive, electronics and home furnishings.

SIPPO (Swiss Import Promotion Programme)                              Sept 2009 to Dec 2010

As International Trade Consultant (Part time)

Responsible to assess of applications and selections of SMEs refer to the selection criteria system provided by SIPPO

  1. Responsible to assist small and medium enterprises in preparation of international  trade show
  2. Responsible to train small and medium enterprises on export knowledge such as export mechanism, trade document, how to check letter of credit, term of payment, term of delivery, cost factor in export goods, and how to calculate export price
  3. Responsible to develop gap analysis study on Furniture Industry inIndonesiaas well as provide proposal for point of intervention to overcome the issue
  4. Responsible to provide a detailed model of production and export value chains in Furniture sector
  5. Organized preparation of SIPPO pilot project on furniture industry in Central Java

Development Alternative Incorporation (DAI) – SENADA – USAID PROJECT

As International Trade Advisor                                        November 2005 to August 2009

Development Alternative Incorporation (DAI) based inBethesda-WashingtonDC,USAas a project contractor to run and manage SENADA – USAID financed project.

  1. Responsible to assist small and medium enterprises to develop marketing plan workbook and monitor its implementation
  2. Responsible to train small and medium enterprises on export knowledge such as export mechanism, trade document, how to check letter of credit, term of payment, term of delivery, cost factor in export goods, and how to calculate export price
  3. Responsible to develop international trade promotion program to penetrate the US and European market
  4. Responsible to organize group of counterparts to achieve goal within the project assigned
  5. Responsible to develop branding plan to promote a new organization in a global market
  6. Responsible to assist small and medium enterprises in preparation of international  trade show
  7. Responsible to create and manage a database of trade-related organizations in Regional office locations to use as a referral vehicle for portfolio clients.
  8. Responsible to develop working partnerships between portfolio clients and trade-related organizations (public and private) to facilitate deals.
  9. Responsible to gather and analyze updated information about market trends and requirements for Project supported industries.
  10. Responsible to provide technical guidance to align portfolio clients product/service offerings to more adequately meet end consumer expectations.
  11. Responsible to continuously identify and communicate upcoming trade exhibitions and fairs to portfolio clients.

Dan banyak lagi pengalaman beliau di bidang eksport.

Silahkan daftar untuk menghadiri konsultasi beliau di bit.ly/asahope_alumnifair


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